IMG_2326_webOur preschool, full-time, part-time,¬†after-school, summer school and drop-in programs are exclusively Spanish¬†immersion curriculums. Our students start at 3 months of age and go all the way to school age. We strive to work with you to fit your family’s demands. We know how hard it is to accommodate working hours and non-working hours so we work with you to fit into your schedule.

For the 2020 summer season, we will have field trips from time to time.

To get more details on our programs, contact us.


Full time student $1,175.00
Infants full time (3 to 12 months) $1,350.00
Infants full time (13 to 19 months) $1,250.00
3 days a week $900.00
2 days a week $700.00
Half day 5 days a week $740.00
Half day 3 days a week $550.00
Half day 2 days a week $440.00
Summer full time per week $325.00
Summer half-day $195.00
Summer registration fee $75.00
Registration fee (Annually) $150.00
New student fee (one time) $200.00
Book fee $150.00
Supply fee (trimestral) $75.00
Drop-in infants (for students and siblings) $90.00
Drop-in fee (for students and siblings) $70.00
Drop-in for students from other schools $100.00
After school $330.00
Waiting list $100.00

If you have further questions, feel free to call us at (512) 574-9199.